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Type Offense Output Verification Date Added Description Date Of Event External Link Attachment
Phone Call Tech Scam 18604983007 05/10/2019 Hello Everyone, I was just sitting here doing my math homework when I got a pleasant call from "Microsoft" saying that my Windows License Key has expired. The call came from the same number that they wanted me to call them back at. Time of call: 6:56 PM, May 7th, 2019 EST Callback number provided by robot:+1 (860)-498-3007 05/08/2019 None None
Phone Call Tech Scam 18053422916 05/10/2019 None 05/06/2019 None
Phone Call Tech Scam 8449034175 05/10/2019 None 05/11/2019 None
Phone Call IRS Scam 8006747391 05/10/2019 None 05/06/2019 None None
Phone Call Tech Scam 18776680666 05/10/2019 None 05/06/2019 http://msattackonserver2.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ None
Phone Call Tech Scam 18443173055 05/10/2019 None 05/06/2019 http://101010101010003.ml/call-now1/ None
Phone Call Tech Scam 18443158841 05/10/2019 None 05/06/2019 http://101010101010002.ml/call-now1/ None
Phone Call Tech Scam 8052501438 05/11/2019 None 05/05/2019 http://errorcode0xx1x4.pw/call-now2/
Phone Call Tech Scam 8552026192 05/11/2019 None 05/05/2019 None None
Phone Call Tech Scam 18664231085 05/11/2019 None 05/05/2019 https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/win-help-sos-43422/call-now1/index.html None

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