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Phone Call Tech Scam 18552198503 05/11/2019 i called them and asked that are you from hp then they said yes we are from hp but actually they are not.. 05/04/2019 None None
Phone Call Tech Scam 8449034402 05/11/2019 None 05/03/2019 http://apiandespoil.host/le/jook.html?n=KDg0NCkgOTAzLTQ0MDI=
Phone Call Tech Scam 8337336349 05/11/2019 None 05/03/2019 https://s3.amazonaws.com/topq8103/6349/edgex/index.html
Not Sure Tech Scam 4083386458 05/28/2019 full screen popup claimed to be Windows Support had blocked my computer. I used Task Manager to close the window. Then I wasn't sure, so I called the number on the screen and immediately hung up once the tech picked up. This is the number that called me right back... 05/28/2019 None None
Phone Call Other 17204661348 06/06/2019 Got a call to my business account saying Xcel energy was going to shut off my power unless I sent them money. they told me I couldn't use a credit card or check but had to get a Green Dot money card 06/05/0201 None None
Phone Call Robo Call 8009096192 01/24/2019 Trying to sell extended warranty, calling off masked phone numbers 01/24/2019 http://www.automotiveservicescenter.com/ None
Phone Call Tech Scam 18882240966 01/20/2019 Man calls and says he's tech support. He has a heavy accent. I pretend I don't understand and he starts cussing. 01/20/2019 None None
Phone Call Tech Scam 8554149542 01/18/2019 Windows refund scam 01/18/2019 None None
Phone Call Spam 8337827181 01/14/2019 Vehicle processing department, calling to extend warranties on your car. 01/14/2019 https://auto1protection.com/ None
Phone Call Tech Scam 8446378833 12/18/2018 None 12/18/2018 http://iplogsecure.tk/ch/

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