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The Fraudski Project is an online search engine for scammer information and fraud records, stored in our public database.

How do I use it? -

Simple type in a phone number, email, link, or even a description of what you have received in our home page, and if it exists in our system, we will display the record confirming your suspicion. By clicking the “+” button near the record, you will expose additional details, as well as possible screenshots of the fraudulent attempts.

If the record does not appear, please SUBMIT it to us here.


We are a team of IT professionals who work in some of the top cyber security organizations in the United States. And like yourself, we are frankly tired of receiving a dozen calls and emails every day, attempting to steal our data, money, and time.


The reason we decided to begin The Fraudski Project, is simply because there really is no one else taking the initiative.

  • In 2017 we saw (as reported by the FTC)-
    • 1.1 Million Fraud Reports
    • $905 Million Dollars in losses
    • $63 Million Dollar increase since 2016
    • Nearly 1 in 5 people who reported an imposter scam lost money
  • Every year we see an increase in attempts and financials losses. The FTC collects reports, but it is unclear how many are actually investigated. A large majority of these incidents go unreported, making these statistics conservative.
  • It is NOT just the elderly losing money. Forty percent of those ages 20-29 who made a report in 2017 said they lost money through fraud. By contrast, only 18% of consumers age 70 or older reported a fraud and lost money.
  • Although government organizations have been working on shutting these operations down, many are overseas and almost untraceable. By the time they are discovered, they are likely to have moved locations.


This project will only be successful if the public adopts it. As the website becomes more shared and publicized, both accuracy of the records and awareness will begin to increase. With the combination, we hope to decrease the number of successful attempts and financial losses.

Our team is spending our free time crawling other websites to import new records, in addition to verifying as many as we can. We will be working with other “scambaiters” and influencers in the space to expand our reach.

As new tactics are discovered, we will educate the public of the scripts and templates used through our Fraud Wiki page.


  • We plan to keep the website completely free of any costs or ads, as it should be. At this time, the project is completely funded by our own pockets. We are not looking to generate revenue, or accept donations, but in the future, we hope to sign on other security organizations who will sponsor the website as contributors to expand the operations.
  • We plan to work with as many VOIP (voice over IP) distributors, web hosts, domain registrars, and anyone else who would like to use our database, to help increase the shut down of these attacks at the source in a much quicker manner (shutting down websites, closing VOIP accounts).
  • Eventually create a web application, that immediately scans web links, and emails against our database to give you a pop up notification of possible fraud.
  • Develop a mobile application to run a check against our database once you receive a call, message, or email alerting you of a possible scam.
  • Most importantly we hope that you share this with your friends, family, grandparents, and anyone else you think may benefit. We spent a lot of time making sure the website was easy to navigate and accessible by all. Our ears are always open to feedback and suggestions, so drop us a note!


Please note, that all of these records have been collected by public submissions/our team of data entry specialists. Although we strive to be as accurate as possible, we are not perfect. If you see your business phone number, website, or email on here that should not be listed, please reach out to us for further investigation. We do not promote the public to take any abusive actions against these records. 

The Fraudski Project 2018

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